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The system
How it
The benefits
of a system
How to
get MOOML?
CRV modul
The unique online system
for the management and analysis of dairyherd
2.8 New in version:

- Nově je možnost přepnout celou aplikaci do ukrajinštiny a angličtiny (mimo již dříve používané jazyky CZ, SK, DE, RU), stačí na hlavní obrazovce vpravo nahoře přepnout přepínač jazyku
- v Tiskových sestavách byl přidány parametry Ochranná lhůta na maso, Ochranná lhůta na mléko (dříve byl jeden společný parametr).
Vše je dobře viditelné v připravené Základní sestavě s názvem V ochranné lhůtě + 90 dnů

Two programs
in one:

Desktop PC

  • on any computer (PC, notebook, ultrabook, Mac), which is connected internet

Mobil / Tablet

  • Smartphone - on any mobile phone with Android OS (version higher than 2.2) or iOS (iPhone)

  • tablet with Android or iPad


You work in one place - in one program with all data that can be obtained from all sources associated with the breeding of dairy and beef cattle.

Data is loaded into the system automatically:

  • Data from Milktests

  • Central Registry for reproduction

  • connection with programs parlors (AFIFARM, Boumatic, De-Laval, Fullwod, Lely, Westfalia, ...)

  • Reporting changes in the central register - automatically they are sent to the central register data according to user settings


  • all data are processed immediately upon arrival into the system MOOML and are immediately available on both platforms (mobile or desktop)

  • currently can working unlimited users


Professional analyzes, tables and graphics of the current data and comparisons between the days testing of milk
  • Milktest (DHI-202)
  • reproduction (DHI-202, DC305)


Any user can set their views to the herd, custom reports, and analyzes are made available when you log on to any computer.

What do I need to be
connected to the system MOOML?

Signed form for permission to access data from milkcontrol

Connecting to a computer
only 10 minutes of your time

MOOML connects all available resources!